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Pancake Breakfast

Fund Raiser for
All Night Graduation Party - 2014

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Lodge #54 Officers of 2014

Lodge Officers Picture
from left to right: Tyler-Bro. Alex Kent, Sr. Deacon-Bro. Stan Legg III, Treasuerer-Bro. Brent Pattison, Sr. Warden-Bro. Joey Dobie, Master-WB. Dan Honetschlager, Secretary-WB. Bob Hamilton, Jr. Warden-Bro. Adam Schoeb, Marshall-WB. Jens Mikkelsen, Jr. Deacon-Bro. John Byrnes, Sr. Steward-Bro. Nate Showalter

The Master of Nicollet Lodge #54 for 2014

Lodge Master's Picture
Master - WB. Dan Honetschlager

Three Generations - 12/03/2010

from left to right: Joseph S. Dobie (father), Joseph R. Dobie (son), Joseph M. Dobie (grandfather)
Joseph S. Dobie was raised by his Grandfather (Joseph J. Dobie) and Joseph R. was raised by his Grandfather Joseph M.

The art, sport, and skill of archery

Lodge donation creates new archery curriculum for St. Peter School District
In the foreground are students James Skoog and William Springer.
Back row: left to right:
(teacher) Keith Hanson, W.Bro. Stu Nesburg, Bro. John Malmborg, W.Bro. Rick Fischer, W.Bro. Adam Marshall, W.Bro. Joe Zachman, W.Bro. Cliff Isley and (teacher) Steve Sizer.

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